SMART IPTV App (Smart TV) Installation Guide

* Installing the application Smart IPTV on Smart TV
* Start Application
* Start the application, The screenshot below shows Smart IPTV interface. What we are interested in for now is the MAC address of the Smart IPTV.
** If your app is not activated you will be required to purchase to activate for One time charge**
* Configuring the application at SMART IPTV offical site

1. Enter the MAC address of your Smart TV.
2. Download M3U (m3u_plus) playlist from the account link you received from us and select the M3U for this field.
3. Submit
4. If you did everything correctly, the message “success …” appears with the number of channels.
A. For using an online playlist (the account link can be posted here Smart IPTV).
B. If you want to reset all your changes to default.

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